SALVANO  and his magic.

SALVANO - a magician who became a legend in the world of magic on this planet.Many magicians knows his stage-act by heart.
Since 1968 he travels around the world, performing his act on all continents.Main effects in his act: productions of real glasses full of liquid, card manipulations with his famous "back and front" techniques, which are unique in magic with cards. Nevertheless, this is only a short stage-act, in which SALVANO has put all his professional knowledge, skill and experience. Being professional magician since 1948, SALVANO was performing in his native country -Poland- until 1966. He traveled with full-evening shows. In this period of 18 years, he had changed 6 times a two hours show. The last one was his "Theatre of illusions" with two tons of material, and a team of 20 persons.
In this show (about 2 and 1/2 hours), he performed 14 big illusions. In 1966, he has received a contract for Yugoslavia. He stayed there 4 years. He had use that time to build his glass act. SALVANO was an all-round magician who performed in his life almost every kind of magic: from micro magic through close-up magic, salon magic to big illusions. He had a large professional knowledge and over 55 years of stage experience. His very personal, very different approach to magic makes him what he was - a master in his profession.

         Salvano 1955          Salvano 1960          SALVANO waza w ogniu          SALVANO magic theatre          SALVANO magic theatre skrzynka na glowie          SALVANO magic theatre walka 

         SALVANO magic theatre dwie lalki          SALVANO magic theatre dwie lalki          salvano and nemo          SALVANO afisz          SALVANO lewitujaca szklanka          SALVANO 2003

        salvano seminaire          SALVANO 2003 bis          SALVANO 2003 four          SALVANO magic theatre scieta glowa          Pigulki dla aurelii          Alan Kennaugh article

        Flying table          Lugo last show          Dwa portrety taty          Salvano bowls 1954          Salvano Magic theatre troup 1960 - 1965         Salvano flowers 1954



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