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                 SALVANO Jr                                       salvano jr portretstage act of salvano jr
                 Tomasz Chelminski
                 30 Grande Rue
                 61290 Le Mage

                 Tel:    00 33 233250174                                        
                 Mobil: + 33 662291753
                 E-mail: salvanojr@hotmail.fr 


How  to  order  ( and pay! ) ?  It is easy!

Ordering is very simple!
     All you have to do, is: send me e-mail with a name of DVD you want to purchase.
     When calling or emailing me, please provide following information:
1.       Your name
2.       Shipping address
3.       Daytime telephone number (not obligatory but may come in handy)
4.       Your  e-mail address
You will receive e-mail from my part with itemized bill and two possibilities to pay your order:
1.       By PayPal – if you have an PayPal  account
2.       By Credit card

All orders are usually sent within 24 business hours, depending on when order was placed.




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