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                               the cards                     topit                    Multiplying billiard balls
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             All three DVDs are available in PAL or NTSC.
       In PAL version, you can choose English or French language. 
       The price for each of this five DVDs  is:

       Europe -----------------------For  1 DVD:  20 €, delivery free. 
      USA, Canada, Japan----For 1 DVD - 27,50 $ US, delivery free.           

                        How you can pay? See: CONTACT
Tirage, pull,dvd,salvano                                                  Those two videos are a little different.
Created in around 1985 on VHS tape,rope,corde,salvano
I put them on the DVD for the easy viewing.
Both are available in PAL or NTSC system,                

and they are in double language version.
Salvano is speaking in english and french.



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